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The company ECD.rs is a regional leader in the crypto industry and among the first in the world to academically specialize in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. They have been on the market since 2012 and primarily provide services of secure and reliable purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, both through their website and through the network of crypto machines (vending machines).
For their needs, we have worked on several projects, including:

1. Introduction of a new weekly limit for user transactions, as well as automatic detection of risky behavior of the user, on the basis of which the user is shown questionnaires about the origin of money.
2. Introduction of a new weekly limit higher than the previous one, for which it is necessary to submit documents with proof of the origin of money through the property. All this enables automatic user interaction with ECD management as soon as the transaction time of such a user is saved.
3. Integration with stock exchanges, Kraken TradeCore.
4. Changes on the user’s website as well as on the Admin panel.

Technologies: PHP(Fuel, Laravel, Lumen), MySQL, Angular, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, JavaScript.