• We offer a wide range of frontend solutions, harmonizing with backend systems in various ways. Our expertise encompasses standard frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with popular frameworks such as Vue.js, React, and Angular. Additionally, we excel in creating cross-platform mobile applications using state-of-the-art technologies like Flutter and React Native.

    When it comes to connecting with backend systems, we provide flexible options. We opt for either the MVC architecture or API communication, ensuring seamless integration and efficient data flow. By choosing us, you benefit from our expertise, use of the latest technologies, and the ability to meet all your specific needs. We make your website more discoverable on the internet while satisfying your requirements for advanced systems and mobile applications.

  • Our team of skilled back-end developers excels in creating robust systems that empower you to manipulate programming code, databases, and files, crucial components for any serious application development. We ensure seamless data transfer between the front and back ends of your website by writing efficient server-side code. Depending on the project and client requirements, we develop back-end systems using REST API or MVC (Model View Controller) variants. For clients seeking a faster and more cost-effective solution, we recommend the MVC variant, particularly if the back-end will be exclusively used for developing the website. On the other hand, when multiple web or mobile applications need to access the back-end, we opt for an API solution that adheres to modern standards and REST paradigms.

    In MVC solutions, we primarily utilize PHP frameworks such as Laravel or CodeIgniter, while for API implementations, our preferred choices are Java and SpringBoot. However, we also recognize the importance of Laravel in API development. Alongside the programming code's business logic, we emphasize the need for a well-defined database as the core mechanism for data storage. Depending on functionality and performance requirements, we offer both relational (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL) and non-relational (NoSQL) options such as MongoDB (when using Node.js for the back-end) and Firebase's real-time database Firestore.


  • By choosing to work with us, you'll benefit from a faster and more cost-effective final product as we simultaneously develop applications for both Android and iOS platforms. Leveraging cross-platform frameworks like Flutter, we significantly shorten the development process by building apps from a single codebase. Our expertise in Flutter and React Native enables us to generate applications for the two most popular operating systems, reducing complexity and maintenance efforts.

    We understand that a successful mobile application requires more than just frontend development. That's why we offer a comprehensive package of services that includes backend realization. Our scalable backend solutions can be universally used by web and other mobile applications, eliminating the need for future re-implementation or redesign. Additionally, we can create an Admin panel to manage application content, providing a seamless integration with your backend.

    Once the application and backend are connected, our experienced DevOps team takes the stage. Equipped with in-depth knowledge of publishing requirements, we ensure minimal rejection during the release phase, reducing both time and costs. We also offer integration with third-party systems like AWS and Google Firebase, allowing the client to have transparent insight into the development progress by regularly publishing test versions of the application.

  • Experienced in deployment issues that can occur when publishing apps to the Play Store, App Store, and Huawei App Gallery, our team is well-equipped to handle the complexities of app publishing. We understand the importance of a fast and seamless publishing process to meet deadlines effectively. With our expertise, we take care of all the necessary steps to ensure your applications are swiftly published on official stores.

    At our company, we go above and beyond to make app publishing a smooth and efficient experience. Our knowledgeable team is well-versed in the guidelines and requirements of each app store, ensuring compliance and minimizing delays. By entrusting us with your app publishing needs, you can rest assured that we will expedite the process, allowing your apps to reach a wider audience in a timely manner.


  • Enhance your firm's reputation and strengthen ties with your clients by choosing to work with us. Our UI/UX design and development services are designed to create eye-catching interfaces and improve user experiences, resulting in increased consumer happiness and loyalty. With our expertise, we can elevate your brand's worth and deliver exceptional design solutions tailored to your business needs.

  • We specialize in crafting captivating user interfaces and engaging interactions that make your app a delightful experience for users. Our skilled developers have the expertise to turn your concepts into market-disrupting goods, ensuring your app stands out in the competitive landscape. With a focus on interactivity, logic, flexibility, and security, we deliver applications that not only captivate users but also meet their functional needs seamlessly.

  • When it comes to attracting prospective customers, captivating content and strong brand values play a crucial role. By choosing to work with us, you can ensure that your business stands out and grabs the attention of your target market. Our expertise lies in developing appealing content that effectively communicates your value proposition and highlights how your products or services can benefit their business. We go beyond design to create a comprehensive marketing plan that builds brand recognition and sets you apart from the competition.

    A strong brand not only captures attention but also fosters trust and loyalty. Our team understands the importance of building a powerful brand that resonates with your target audience. Through strategic marketing initiatives, we enable your target market to recognize and differentiate your products, ensuring that they spend less time trying to figure out what you do and more time considering the potential benefits for their business. With our guidance and expertise, you can establish a solid brand foundation that drives growth and establishes long-lasting relationships with your customers.

DevOps Solutions

  • Our DevOps team offers powerful CI/CD pipeline configuration, accelerating development time with automated procedures triggered after code updates. With a focus on reliability and infrastructure maintenance, we aim to create highly available systems and drive the rapid adoption of ideas. Following successful project completion, our DevOps services encompass server configuration, maintenance, and lease, including application releases on iOS and Android Stores. We specialize in deploying web applications via APIs to various hosting options, including virtual private servers (VPS) and shared hosting. Our preference lies in Linux OS configuration integrated with popular web servers like Apache or NGINX, along with diverse SQL servers such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL.

    We offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs, allowing the publication of simpler web applications on shared hosting with a user-friendly cPanel interface. With SSH, SFTP, and FTP access provided on each server, we ensure data integrity and seamless deployment using GIT mechanisms, enabling easy restoration to any historical point. Additionally, depending on the project's scale, we provide the ability to set up development environments with appropriate subdomains, ensuring thorough testing before going live. As part of our comprehensive support, we assist with domain lease, connection, and SSL certificate installation.

    When it comes to publishing mobile applications, our experienced team possesses in-depth knowledge of Android and iOS store regulations, particularly for the App Store. This expertise minimizes setbacks during application validation, significantly reducing the time to publish your app. Furthermore, we offer continuous deployment to test stores such as TestFlight, Firebase app distribution, and Play Store internal test, actively monitoring the development process. Additionally, we seamlessly transfer application data and code to scalable hosting solutions provided by third-party platforms like Google Cloud, AWS, and Firebase.

  • Harness the power of leading cloud platforms like GCP or AWS for stable, scalable, and auto-deployable project deployments. Our expertise in payment processor integrations simplifies revenue collection, while data visualization and analytics software provide invaluable insights into your project's market value, position, and potential. We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in integrating third-party solutions that adhere to the latest market standards, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel. Ensuring the security of your project is a top priority, achieved through careful integration of robust systems.

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